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Insects and bugs in English


bugsBugs have superpowers.

Did you know that an ant can lift a thousand times its own weight?

Did you suspect that they can always find their way back home no matter how far they go?

Some insects are beautiful like dragonflies. Others can stand on the ceiling like flies.

Many insects can fly or walk on water.
Can you do that?

Bees produce honey and beeswax and are responsible for pollinating which is how trees grow fruit.

Mosquitoes bite and suck your blood like vampires. Grasshoppers can jump very high.

Some have a poisonous sting like scorpions or wasps.

They are scary!

Spiders are not insects but arachnids. They can’t fly, but they can hang from their webs which are stronger than steel.

Snails are molluscs and can carry their own house with them wherever they go.
fliesHow cool is that?

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